Jumat, 14 November 2014

Dear DKS

“Tell Me What is Love” .. the song title for your solo performance in The Lost Planet Concert.

Let me answer it for you.
Love is when you happy seeing someone’s happiness.
Love between a fan and idol is when you happy seeing someone on the stage, either singing, dancing, beatboxing, and having fun..
Love is when you feels like you taking a breath in spring-autumn atmosphere just because you see someone’s eyes and smile... even if its just through a bunch of photos.
When you feel grateful watching someone walking, running and flying to catch their dream..
To be the greatest singer, to be the greatest actor.
Maybe they are not the greatest, but in your heart, they are.

Dear DKS,
Thats my answer for “Tell Me What is Love”
and that ‘someone’ is you...

Maybe someday, I will not stand by your side again, someday when I finally found my half in real life.. but please believe me. I do really hope that you are happy, always. Please keep your adorable smile and your sparkling eyes, my favorite singer and actor....
Do Kyungsoo.

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